Welcome to Woodbinepark.net

This is a community website where residents of Woodbine Park, The Beaches Triangle and other neighbouring Beach areas will be informed and can contribute by commenting on local issues, services, tradespeople, schools, and activities for our children etc.

Woodbinepark.net features a calendar of events to keep us informed about the many festivals and happenings in Woodbine Park and other Beach venues during the year, and especially in the summer.

This site has professional contributors who will give us advice and insight on the daily challenges which benefit from an experienced perspective.   You can ask these professionals questions on the website, if you feel it’s a topic others would be interested in, or if it’s of a private nature, please feel free to contact them by email or phone.

We want to hear from you! It’s easy to contribute to Woodbinepark.net.  On the Home Page, create an account and simply sign in each time you want to share something.

You can also be alerted to the latest happenings in Woodbine Park by following us on Twitter, @woodbinepark.

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