Beach Artist Disgusted With Trash On Woodbine Beach

Renown artist Elizabeth Berry has launched a new painting, depicting the trash on Woodbine Beach.  Like most Beach residents, Berry is disgusted with the trash left behind by visitors.  We’re not only seeing mounds of garbage on the beach, but the streets in our neighbourhood are strewn with litter as visitors casually open their car doors and deposit trash as if our homes sit on a landfill site.

Through her painting, and with t-shirts to follow, Berry is trying to bring awareness to the garbage problem.  But how do we bring awareness to common courtesy and manners?  It’s pretty simple.  If you visit our beaches and neighbourhood, show some respect and either deposit your trash into the receptacles provided, or take it back home with you.

Here’s the story about Berry’s endeavour that appeared in the Toronto Star:

Food Trucks Coming to Woodbine Park

Toronto City Council has approved a pilot program that will allow Woodbine Park and another four parks in the city, to have food trucks.  This could be a great alternative to cooking for Woodbine Park residents.  Let’s hope the food is good!  Click on the link to see the full article in the Toronto Star.