Property Values in Woodbine Park Continue to Rise

December 6, 2013 in Real Estate Blog

Woodbine Park continues to be one of the most sought after neighbourhoods for families in the city of Toronto and the Beach(es).  Since families first starting moving into the homes that sit on the site oft the old Greenwood Racetrack about 14 years ago, values have more than doubled.

When ‘for sale’ signs go up and shortly afterward a ‘sold’ rider is added, I’m often asked “what did that one go for?”  Well, here’s a summary of the sales in our neighbourhood this Fall, dating back to the beginning of September:

SEMI DETACHED SALES (Average price $1,075,000)

Sarah Ashbridge $1,015,000

Boardwalk $1,012,000

Joseph Duggan $1,125,000

Winners $1,150,000

DETACHED SALES (Average price $1,297,200)

Sarah Ashbridge $1,185,000

Joseph Duggan $1,206,000

Winners $1,345,000

Joseph Duggan $1,380.000

Joseph Duggan $1,370,000


1733 Queen St. Bachelor $235,000

1765 Queen St. 1+1 bedroom $339,000

35 Boardwalk 2 bedroom $512,000

9 Boardwalk 2 bedroom $675,000

35 Boardwalk Penthouse $1,125,000


If you have any questions about these or any others, feel free to get in touch with me at or 416 568 1242


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