Garage Break-in and Attempted Car Theft

February 24, 2014 in Neighbourhood Alerts Blog

Report from Northern Dancer Resident on Feb 18, 2014 – GARAGE AND CAR BREAK-IN:

I wanted to let you know that our garage was entered last evening and our car was broken into.  It appears that the person(s) forced something into the sun roof (since it was partially open and is now bent so that it will the cover will no longer fully close).  When I entered the garage, I noticed that all of the four windows were down in the car so that alerted me to trouble.  Someone must have disturbed the person or persons as nothing was taken; however, the sun roof is now bent and will have to be repaired. 

 I had forgotten to lock the garage as I was carrying in groceries.  I have called the police and they are sending a car to take a report as they consider it a break and enter. 

 I have previously sent you an email about asking neighbours, who leave their recyclables and garbage in the lane all of the time, to refrain from doing so not only because it attracts raccoons but also frequently attracts people who sort through the bins and can be watching to see what type of car is in the garage, who is coming and going etc.   The day before this incident, I drove up our lane and a older man was standing right by our garage going through the neighbours bin, and he stopped and watched me open and enter the garage.  Probably a coincidence, but I am convinced that leaving these bins in the lane attracts a lot of traffic to the laneway that would not otherwise be there and increases the possibility of criminal activity. 

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