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The Houses That Don’t Sell

May 30, 2014 in Real Estate Blog

In this hot real estate market, most of the media coverage focuses on bidding wars and the crazy prices some sellers are getting over asking.  However, we seldom hear about the houses that don’t sell.

Even in this market, there are houses that have been sitting for months without getting offers.  Some of the owners of these houses have already bought their next home and are wondering how they’re going to carry two properties.

Here’s an article that appeared recently in the Toronto Star about houses that won’t sell.


Woofstock in Woodbine Park This Weekend

May 23, 2014 in Latest Community News Blog

For all of you canine owners and dog lovers, the organizers promise that this will be a “pawsitively” amazing event!  It runs on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 6pm.  Check out the website for more details.

Thieves return to garage after police leave

May 21, 2014 in Latest Community News Blog, Neighbourhood Alerts Blog

This garage break-in was reported last week on  It seems like these brazen thieves didn’t get everything they wanted during the initial break-in, and returned the next day, just hours after the police attended the home to make a report.

Here’s the incident as reported by the resident:

Report from Winner’s East Side (today)  – REPEAT GARAGE BREAK-IN


So. The police came today to make a report.  The last officer left at noon and sometime between noon and 3 pm, the thieves came back and stole the remaining two bikes from our garage. They broke in the same way they did the first time and in broad daylight! They ditched one of the bikes along the way because both tires were flat.  There are people along the lane with cameras.  We are hoping they were caught on someone’s security system.

If you saw anything suspicious last Thursday May 15th, please contact 55 Division at 416-808-5500 or Crimestoppers.

Woodbine Beach Cleanup Scheduled For Tuesday May 20th

May 17, 2014 in Latest Community News Blog, Neighbourhood Alerts Blog

Join the Beach Pick Up Group 

for a Beach Clean up!

When: Tuesday  May 20th at 7am 

Where: Woodbine Beach (Donald Sommerville Pool at the foot of Woodbine)

Bring gloves.  Bags provided.

Each year the Woodbine Beach is a scene of devastation on the Tuesday after the Long Weekend in May .

Litter is strewn over the entire beach!  The litter continues all summer long.

Elizabeth Berry
416 698-0295


Come and express your concern and help us create awareness of this unacceptable amount of litter on this beautiful Beach. Help clean up!


Help us build a cleaner community!




Councillor Mary Margaret will be attending!

Community Alert: Garage Break-in/Theft and Graffiti

May 15, 2014 in Latest Community News Blog, Neighbourhood Alerts Blog

Keep doors locked.  Report ALL incidents to Police (416) 808-2222.  Remember, graffiti is also a crime – report it!

Report from Winner’s East Side (this week)  – GARAGE BREAK-IN

I just want to let you know about a garage theft here at my home, on Winners Circle.  We lost three bikes – one $2700 road bike, and two other expensive bikes. Our garage was locked from the garden (medeco lock no less). We also have a brand new motion sensor security light and a security camera. The thieves obviously saw the bikes through the “windows” on our builder-original door and busted the garage door to get in. They damaged our soffit when they either covered or tried to disable the security camera. My daughter says she heard noise sometime after midnight but assumed it was raccoons because it was garbage night.

We are beside ourselves. I called the police twice to report the incident: once at 5:45 am when I discovered it and again at 11 am when they hadn’t called back. I have yet to speak to someone and get a case number. They said it could take up to 48 hours for a call back. I should also mention that I have lived in this house since 2001 and that I have TWICE filled-out community policing reports to no avail. Our neighbourhood continues to be targeted and there is no police presence.

Report from Boardwalk (last week)  – GRAFFITI

We reside in Boardwalk street and have never had any problems. On Thursday morning, I noticed that there was graffiti on the sidewalk as one approaches Queen street. I then noticed that a number of shops located near to the intersection of Queen and Woodbine had also had graffiti applied to their walls. I then met with a friend at the bus stop and he mentioned that one of our neighbours had their garage door vandalised with graffiti.  We clearly have a graffiti problem developing, perhaps you could warn the community to be alert for strangers walking about in the area late at night, I estimate that this act of vandalism is being undertaken late at night and into the early morning when there is less traffic (23h00 – 03h00).


First Quarter Home Sales Summary in Woodbine Park

May 9, 2014 in Latest Community News Blog, Real Estate Blog

It looks like the longest winter in the history of the world has finally come to an end. However, despite the cold, harsh first quarter of the year, there was steady activity in house and condo sales in Woodbine Park.

Prices continue to rise in Woodbine Park.  For the first time, we’ve seen semi-detached homes on streets other than Northern Dancer Blvd., selling for more than $1.2-million.

Here are the properties that SOLD from January to the end of April of this year:


  • 146 Boardwalk Drive  - semi-detached -       $1,135,000
  • 108 Joseph Duggan     – attached row   –       $1,025,000
  • 106 Winners Circle      - semi-detached         $1,232,000
  • 61 Boardwalk Drive     – semi-detached –      $1,210,000
  • 82 Winners Circle        - detached                 $1,270,000
  • 76 Joseph Duggan        - detached               $1,315,000
  • 67 Northern Dancer     – semi-detached       $1,200,000

CONDOS (these are all two bedrooms with parking)

  • 35 Boardwalk 114  - $620,000
  • 35 Boardwalk 218  - $625,000
  • 35 Boardwalk 102  - $635,000
  • 35 Boardwalk 206  - $635,000
  • 9   Boardwalk 114  - $621,000


  • 9 Boardwalk Penthouse #1   –  Asking      $1,198,000

Feel free to forward this email to our neighbours.  If you know of anyone thinking of buying or selling in Woodbine Park or anywhere else in the city, please keep me in mind.

Desmond Brown, Royal LePage Estate  416-568-1242

Lineup of Summer Events in Woodbine Park Now Posted

May 6, 2014 in Latest Community News Blog

In the last few years, Woodbine Park has become one of the hot summer spots for events, festivals and concerts.  The park hosts great events such as The Beaches Jazz Fesival, Canada Day Celebratons, Ribfest and Afrofest.

Check out the link to the Events Calendar for the lineup of summer events in the park.