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News in Brief

August 26, 2014 in Beach Metro Community News

Local filmmaker Fuad Chowdhury will shade a documentary tonight during about a Rana Plaza wardrobe bureau fall and MP Matthew Kellway’s revisit to a site one year later. Held during AccessPoint on a Danforth, a eventuality will start at

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Williamson Road hits 100th

August 26, 2014 in Beach Metro Community News

When Olivia Forrest had to find aged stories for her school’s 100th birthday, all she indispensable was a large family dinner.

Starting with her grandmother Lois in a 1940s, Olivia’s family has had someone during Williamson Road Public School each decade

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Walking 60 km to quarrel cancer

August 26, 2014 in Beach Metro Community News

When thousands of walkers wander by a Beach on Sunday, Sept. 7, Jane Werniuk will be usually a integrate blocks from her Haslett Avenue home. With any luck, her group of walkers will be only as tighten to their lofty

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Just Listed: 43 Northern Dancer Blvd., $1,479,000

August 20, 2014 in Real Estate Blog

This is a fabulous 3 storey, 3 bedroom semi-detached home in Woodbine Park. It’s on the south end of Northern Dancer and has amazing views of the park, pond and city skyline.

It has open concept living/dining. Upgrades include: 1200 bottle wine cellar, marble bathrooms, jet tub, hot tub, decks on every level, hardwood, cove moulding, double garage, 2 fireplaces, walk-in closet in master suite, 2nd floor family/media room and much more!

See the video for a preview then give me a call for a showing.

Missing child final seen nearby Danforth and Woodbine

August 19, 2014 in Beach Metro Community News

Police are seeking a open for assistance anticipating a blank child who was final seen during 9 a.m. Saturday near Danforth and Woodbine Avenues.

Jesse Sacobie, 14, is graphic below.

Jesse Sacobie

Jesse Sacobie

He is

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The Role of the Trustee or Executor of Your Estate

August 11, 2014 in Legal Advice Blog

The Trustee Job is Easy

You may wonder what is involved in being an Attorney or an Estate Trustee. Some people think it’s no big deal so they pick someone to be their Trustee who they want to honour.

Choosing the Estate Trustee

The Estate Trustee is the chief cook and bottle washer when it comes to administering an estate. The best made plans can go badly awry if your chosen Trustee is not up to the task. How bad can it get? Very bad if the Trustee does nothing, does it slowly, fails to keep proper accounts, charges too much, steps on toes, bruises feelings …. well you get the picture.

Many people choose their Trustee using “the honour” system: as in “I think the world of you so I am going to make you my Estate Trustee without knowing whether you are up to the task or not”. Let’s be perfectly clear here, being an Estate Trustee can be a full time job and in all instances carries major responsibility. So let me ask you a question:

If you won’t buy clothes without trying them on, or a car without test driving several models first then why would you appoint someone to such a critical position before checking out his/her credentials ??

What are the Duties of the Estate Trustee

Here is a very brief list of an Estate Trustee’s duties:

Make the funeral arrangements (if not prepaid)
Take control of assets
Clear out a house or apartment
Assume responsibility for paying bills
Distribute or dispose of personal belongings and possibly referee disputes
Let everyone named in the Will know what they are getting
Get everything that is part of an estate valued
Apply to Court for probate, now called Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee With a Will (or Without a Will);
Possibly sell assets such as cars, houses, cottages, stocks, bonds (or deal with them according to the Will)
Submit income tax return(s) as required;
Prepare precise accounts that include assets and their values as the date of death, the disposition of those assets and for what price, the income received after death, the money spent after death and summarize all of the foregoing
Deal with personal issues from beneficiaries or people who have been left out
Manage and invest trust monies as a prudent investor would, if applicable (and sometimes being personally responsible for losses)
Decide how much to spend raising young children of the deceased, if applicable
Exercise discretion to encroach on trust funds or not, if applicable
Answer questions about the accounts, if any
Get releases and distribute money or transfer assets in kind.
If you:

own a business,
have interest in corporations or partnerships,
are a professional, or
have special needs beneficiaries, amongst other things,
there is even more to do.

The choice of Estate Trustee is absolutely critical to how well managed and administered an estate is. You do not want to appoint someone blindly. Do your homework. As part of their service to you, your professional team will guide you in what to ask.

Before I leave this topic, a word about Attorneys is in order. Almost everything I said about Estate Trustees applies to Attorneys (with obvious exceptions!). The critical difference is that you deal with the Attorney yourself, while you are alive.

Are you sure you want to leave your well-being in the hands of someone whose abilities you may know nothing about??

Be unapproachable of the Blue Flag beach

August 10, 2014 in Beach Metro Community News

Last month, most of Toronto flew charming rainbow flags to applaud Pride. Year-round, the city’s lakefronts arrangement another kind of pride: Blue Flags denoting the protected and purify showering beaches.

What is it?

The Blue Flag is a intentional eco-label awarded to

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On home inspections and sales tactics

August 9, 2014 in Beach Metro Community News

The business of offered genuine estate has developed by a years, in step with a changing final of multitude and shabby by advances in technology. The tangible routine of inventory and selling a residence is quicker and easier for sellers,

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Eye on Business

August 9, 2014 in Beach Metro Community News

Kingston Co, a new condominium entrance to Kingston Road Village, has put a community on a map – a hand-drawn map display internal shops, cafés, parks and galleries, not to discuss a approach to a beach.Read the full article

“Light” beverages roar summer

August 9, 2014 in Beach Metro Community News

With summer in full swing, looking good in a swimsuits is of a pinnacle importance. For many of us this means sportive some-more and examination calories. When it comes to calories, your favourite alcoholic gulp can be problematic.

Regardless of whether

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