Young Female Accosted

February 20, 2015 in Neighbourhood Alerts Blog, Neighbourhood Watch Blog

This is a report from a Woodbine Park resident regarding an incident earlier this week:

My daughter is home from University for Reading Week. She went out to

see a friend and was coming home around 11:45 by bus. She got off on

Lakeshore (at the foot of Joseph Duggan) and was accosted by a man who

proceded to follow her home. She was very afraid and didn’t want him to

know where she lived so she walked a different way and headed to Queen

at a fast pace. He kept asking her questions such as “where do you

live” “do you live with your family” and told her that he had drugs and

$20,000 in his pockets and that he needed somewhere to hide it. She

managed to ditch him on Queen but came home by a circuitous route just to be safe.

She was terrified. We called the police at 12:30 am and they sent a car

to search the area. They also stopped several west-bound streetcars as

she thought he might have got on a streetcar going that direction. She

was able to give the police a fairly good description of the man.

Please pass this along as I know there are lots of area kids and

residents who are out at that hour and who use the TTC. I often walk my

dog later at night by myself. I will ensure that my kids use a buddy

system from now on.

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