Car Crash at Woodbine & Queen

May 25, 2015 in Neighbourhood Alerts Blog

A car collision this morning halted traffic at Woodbine & Queen. Thankfully, there were no casualties and the crash did not take place during morning rush hour where dozens of children gather every morning to wait for the green light to cross the street. We can’t sit back and expect the safety of this intersection to get better, an email with photos of today’s crash has been sent our city councillor, Mary Margaret McMahon. Two things have been asked: the reduction of speed on Woodbine from Kingston to Lakeshore from 50km to 40km; and for police enforcement of the existing 40km zone on Queen Street. If you have any other ideas to help make this intersection and our community safer, please send your suggestions to our city councillor.CarCrash1 CarCrash2

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