Should the Gardiner be torn down?

June 1, 2015 in Latest Community News Blog, Real Estate Blog

The majority of Torontonians say yes to a proposal to tear down the Gardiner east of Jarvis. Those in favour of demolishing the Gardiner include former mayor, David Crombie, the city’s Medical Officer of Health Dr. David McKeown,  and Jennifer Keesmaat,, the City’s Chief Planner.
However,  those of us who live in the east and have put up with what seems like 100 years of construction of the new streetcar yard and the traffic chaos at Lakeshore and Leslie, are skeptical. It’s not even safe to walk or ride your bicycle through that intersection.
The “experts’ say tearing it down will lead to a more “car or commuter-friendly option.” What am I missing here? Rip down the expressway and load up the Lakeshore with the traffic that would have been on that expressway and it’s more car or commuter-friendly?
There’s no doubt that the Gardiner is crumbling, it’s an eyesore and probably outdated.  But please don’t try to tell me that the commute time will be just a few minutes more.  Past planners and politicians have failed the city by not planning for the growth we’re seeing today.
I, like most Torontonians would love to see a solution to the gridlock. Unfortunately, people will continue to drive their cars until a sensible and efficient public transit system is in place. The rate the city and TTC are moving, it will be at least another 100 years. So don’t insult my intelligence by saying that the removal of the Gardiner will lead to a more car or commuter-friendly environment. Crombie, McKeown and Keeesmaat, take a drive east along the Lakeshore and try to get into Leslieville or the Beach.  I recommend that you pack a lunch or overnight bag.
Here’s the latest Star article:

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