The Fight to Reclaim Our Beaches Waterfront is On

October 3, 2016 in Latest Community News Blog

As many of you “Beachers” may or may not know a new group has formed in the upper & lower Beach neighbourhoods to challenge the  reopening of the  City of Toronto Lease that was issued to Tugg’s  Restaurant for a period of 19 years in the Beach Waterfront Parks.  The Lease in question caused a lot of confusion and by all rights should have gone to tender.

The lease given to Tugg’s for 19 years will be reopened for discussion on Oct. 5th, 2016 in City of Toronto Council. The Lease in question never went out to Tender and was negotiated by our then Councillor in Ward 32 Councillor Sandra Bussin.

While I admire the new group that has formed to set out a challenge ( and encourages neighbourhood residents to weigh in on the challenge by signing a petition, there are a few inaccuracies on their web page and I would encourage you to go to the website to review it.

I have spoken to a couple of the members of “free the beaches” and found them to be overly aggressive and a little rude, not the attitude you would expect from a fellow Beacher asking for all of us to support their group!

What the website doesn’t offer up is any suggestion of an alternative to Tugg’s’ 19 year lease.

Is there a hidden motive? What are the alternatives to Tuggs, other than fairness to the residents of the Beach neighbourhoods?

Should the lease be renegotiated so it isn’t an exclusive all-encompassing lease in favor of Tugg’s, I personally think it should be in all fairness. One person should not be in the position to be  able to dictate what Events should or should not be held within the waterfront Beach Parks, and should not have the right to dictate what exclusive food services and miscellaneous services are offered to event holders or the general public at large, on all accounts this is wrong. The City and the then Councillor in Ward 32 did not have the best interest of the constituents of the GTA in mind when they agreed to  this Lease. Even our past Mayor agreed this Lease was wrong for the City of Toronto .


Ward 32 constituent

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