Game Of Thrones has undoubtedly become a worldwide phenomenon, and it completely took over TV for almost 10 years. It was actually all that people talked about for so long, and people started loving the characters and the story so much. Ever since the original books were released, the series started gaining so much attention, and HBO decided to finally make a TV show out of it, and that indeed became something that millions of people started loving with all of their hearts.

They also shot in the real world in countless locations. There was also a lot of shooting done on set pieces and in big sets as well, but real world locations were used for Kings Landing and North of The Wall as well. Some of the places that they used for shooting were Ireland, Croatia, Iceland, Spain and many more. If you do indeed decide to go to a few of these places, you should know that they will look a little different because there was CGI used to make some places look better. You will indeed have a great time when you go to these places 1bet2u because you will have a lot of nostalgia and you will certainly recognize them.

Castle Ward

Castle Ward in Northern Ireland was used for some Winterfell scenes. These scenes were also some of the most iconic scenes in the show as it is the home of House Stark which also happens to be one of the most important houses of the show.

Alcazar, Seville in Spain was used for most of the scenes which showed Dorne and the Palace of Dorne. It was shown as the home of House Martell. The gardens of Dorne is one of the places that stands like outside this palaces.

The Bardenas Reales in Spain was used to shoot most of the Dothraki Sea scenes. The Dothraki Sea is actually shown as an endless wasteland that has very less trees and is also very dry. It is very similar to the red waste. It is also very close to Vaes Dothrak, which is where all the Dothraki live.


Another Spain location was used for the Tower Of Joy shooting. This was an actual and real tower. CGI was not used. This is the tower where Jon Snow was born in the show. It is called Castillo De Zafra in Guadalajara, Spain.

Dubrovnik in Croatia was used for almost all of the Kings Landing scenes. The city is indeed filled with vibrant architecture, and that is why it is no surprise that they chose this location for such a prominent location