Travelling to an unknown country can indeed prove to be really scary as well as exciting. We need to make sure that we find the right balance between being confident that we can handle ourselves and being really scared that we are in a foreign country. Airfare, rental vehicles and hotel accommodations have proven to be the holy trinity when it comes to E Plus Group travel, because those are some of the most important things that we need to be careful and vigilant about. If we nail all of these aspects of travel, there are huge chances that our trip will go smoothly and as planned indeed. You will certainly need a smooth and stress-free vacation because that is what you would have been wanting for so long when you are planning the trip, You should actually take care of all the essentials at the destination, and one of those would be your trip from the airport to your hotel accommodations. You should also make sure that you manage all of your finances properly. In this guide, I will list out 10 things that you should do before you leave.


  • If you have a furry best friend, and I mean a dog or a cat, you should make sure that they are taken care of when you are away. You should either leave them with friends or family, or maybe you should leave them in kennels. Even a house sitter would be a good choice since the furry pal would be used to the house environment.
  • Make sure all of your flight tickets and your passport is with you in your carryon bag, or in your purse. Since these are the most important things when you are away in another country, you should make sure that they are on your body at all times, with some money and a credit card as well.

Enough Money

  • You should also be sure that you have enough money for the whole trip. The cost of living in other countries would indeed be different when compared to the place you live in. For example, the cost of living in the United Kingdom is slightly higher when compared to most countries and therefore if you are travelling there, you should make sure that you have some extra cash with you. When you reach your destination, you should make sure that you know where everything is and also if there are any ATMs close to you.
  • You should also get in contact with your bank and make sure that your card is usable overseas.
  • Make sure that at least 80% of your trip is planned.